Upstreet turns shoppers into shareholders

We’re partnering with major Australian brands looking to reward you like never before. With every eligible purchase, you own a little more of the brands you love and visit most.

Be among the first to receive fractional share rewards in our partner brands.

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What is a fractional share?

A fractional share is simply a fractional interest in shares bought and sold on the Australian Securities Exchange.

They enable us to reward your everyday purchases, no matter how small, with real share ownership in major Australian brands.

All you have to do is link your bank account in the app and you're ready to earn real  fractional shares on every eligible purchase.

Just keep shopping and watch your share portfolio of major Australian brands grow.

Shopping has never been this rewarding

Hassle free

Once you’ve created your Upstreet account and linked the cards you shop with, you will start earning fractional shares automatically with every eligible purchase.

Fee free

The Upstreet app is free to download and use; there are no fees for using our service, receiving fractional share rewards, and building your share portfolio.

Shop as usual

You don’t need to change a thing. Life will be different with Upstreet, but only in the sense that every time you shop with a partner brand, you own a little more of it! 

It’s investing, just without time spent investing – it’s Shopvesting

Upstreet exists for a reason

The simple fact is, many Australians just don’t get around to actively investing in shares. 
We set out to change that, just without changing you. 

Thanks to our innovative brand partners, Upstreet helps you turn everyday shopping expenses into an initially small but ever-growing portfolio of investments.

Whether you already invest in shares, find it challenging or just don’t have the time; Upstreet helps all shoppers unlock a little extra value with every eligible purchase.

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Link the cards or accounts you already use to shop with our brand partners.


Every time you shop with a brand partner, you receive automatic share rewards.


Use our intuitive app to check your fractional share portfolio at any time and see your earnings.

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11 Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum spend before I start earning shares?

No, there’s no minimum. Every eligible purchase will earn you a reward in fractional shares. How many shares or what fraction of a share you receive just depends on how much you spend and what the current share price is.

How have you made it possible to offer fractional shares?

We purchase whole shares for our customers and put them into a unit trust on your behalf. When you're rewarded for a purchase, you'll receive units in that trust (which means you'll hold a fractional interest in the underlying shares).

Why do you need my bank details?

If you link the cards and accounts you shop with, we can ensure you receive your fractional share rewards automatically after shopping with a particular brand using that account. This is what makes the “shopvesting” experience so seamless with Upstreet; it’s something you can “set and forget” for a while so your portfolio can grow.

How long will it take for my shares to appear in Upstreet?

The time between purchase and reward approval can vary between partner brands and banks; it will usually take 1-5 days.
If you made a purchase with a partner brand but haven’t received your share reward, please check the payment method used was linked in the Upstreet app. If you still haven’t received your reward after 5 days, please email: including a receipt of your purchase.

Are there really no fees?

Absolutely, there’s nothing for you to pay beyond the shopping you’re already doing. We won’t charge fees or commissions for managing your portfolio or anything else. Certain costs may apply depending on the investment option, such as fees charged by underlying ETF fund managers and transactional and operational costs. Please see the PDS for more details.

Who can open an Upstreet account?

You need to be at least 18 years of age and a permanent resident of Australia for tax purposes.

Can I withdraw my earnings at any time?

Yes, you can make a withdrawal request at any time. There are no fees or penalties on withdrawals. However, holding on to your portfolio over time can be a great way to build its value. Simply fill out the Withdrawal form and email it to The form can also be found in the app under Settings. Limitations apply. See the PDS for more details.

Can my account be locked?

An account may be locked temporarily if we notice unusual transactions on your account, there has been a problem with processing a transaction or we need to confirm some information with you. Contact support for more information: .

How do you handle my personal data?

We take your privacy seriously and treat your data with respect. You can read our Privacy Policy to understand our approach to data privacy. View our Privacy Policy.

How does this affect my income tax?

Any earnings on your investments are subject to taxes according to Australian tax laws. After the end of each financial year, we will send you a single annual tax statement by email known as an Attribution Managed Trust Member Annual (AMMA) statement. Before the end of the financial year we will also ask you to provide us with your TFN, so that we can pre-populate your gains and losses to the ATO. 
For further information please see the ATO’s detailed guidance to help individuals lodge their tax returns.

What support will be available?

You can email us on or call us for any urgent matters on 1300 004 256.

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