Bank Link Troubleshooting

I’m having trouble linking my bank account, what can I do?

Last updated: 09/02/21

Bank linking is an important part of having a seamless experience on Upstreet. We can understand your concern if your bank won’t connect (or has recently stopped connecting) to Upstreet.

Here, we provide some possible fixes or explanations to assist you in getting this sorted: 

Are your credentials correct and up to date?

Please double-check that you’re using the right credentials for the bank account you’re trying to link and note that you will need to reconnect your bank account in Upstreet whenever you change your banking password.

Have you enabled two-factor authentication (2FA)? 

Unfortunately, Upstreet does not currently support two-factor authentication. If you have another transaction account that doesn’t require 2FA, please consider using that for the time being. Alternatively, you can still browse the share reward offers that don’t require bank linking; look for the ones that ask you to shop through the app. 

PS: Soon we will enable Credit Card linking and you will have the same benefits as with bank linking. 

Does your bank have an additional PIN code?

Some banks like St George require the use of a separate PIN code, which you will also need to keep updated in Upstreet. Please check that you’ve entered your credentials, including PIN code, in the right fields and reconnect your bank account whenever your PIN code is reset.

Are you with Bendigo Bank or Adelaide Bank?

Since there are separate login portals for each bank, your credentials for one don’t give you access to the other. Please ensure you’re connecting to the correct bank.

Are you currently locked out of Internet banking?

It’s possible that you’ve been locked out of your Internet banking for security or other reasons, and Upstreet may not function properly as a result. Please contact your bank to check the status of your account if you suspect this may be the case. Once resolved, please remove the problematic bank in Upstreet and link it again with the latest credentials.  

Still having trouble connecting? Contact Upstreet for further assistance: 

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