As a share owner through Upstreet, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) requires foreign tax residents to provide their taxation identification number for each country where they are a tax resident. A foreign tax residence is someone who is liable to pay tax in another country where  they are considered a resident. If you are a foreign tax resident please fill out the form below.

Foreign tax identification number

Foreign tax FAQ's

Why did I receive this email?

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As you are an Upstreet member and holder of units in our unit trust, you have a number of tax obligations associated with your investment. In order to take care of these tax obligations for you, we are required to collect the foreign tax residence number for any foreign individuals who use our platform.

Do you support Paypal Integration?

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No, but customers can link their underlying bank and card details.

What is my “Foreign tax resident identification number”?

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A foreign tax resident identification number is a unique identifier used by the Australian government to distinguish any individuals who are a foreign resident for tax purposes. Using this number the Australian tax office will be able to identify any tax obligations you have under Australian law. This only applies to people living in Australia who are foreign tax residents.

Where will my “Foreign tax resident identification number” go?

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We will pass your foreign tax residence information onto the Australian Taxation Office. They will be able to confirm the tax obligations associated with your Upstreet investments. At the end of the financial year we can pre-populate your gains and losses with the ATO.

Where can I go for more information?

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You can email us on or call us for any urgent matters on 1300 004 256.

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