earn 2% in shares

Our mission at BWS is to become the most convenient bottle shop network in the country.

Our mission at Upstreet is to make everyone a shareholder, aligning the fortunes of people and brands.

Earn shares as you shop with Upstreet

You can now grow your ownership of Woolworths Group Ltd (ASX:WOW), parent company of BWS, with every online order with BWS.

We’re inviting you to earn Fractional Share Rewards with every purchase made through the Upstreet app. See below for the terms of this exciting reward offer.

Same convenience. More value.

With our unique share rewards program, you can build an investment portfolio for the future just by continuing to shop online with BWS today.

How to earn.

To earn fractional share rewards in Woolworths Group Ltd, simply:

Download the Upstreet app, link your bank account and add your address

Use the Discover function to select BWS and shop online by clicking the link in the Upstreet app

Fractional share rewards in ASX:WOW will be automatically added to your portfolio in the app

How much can I earn?

Auto rewards
For every online order with BWS, you will get 2% of the purchase value in fractional shares.
For example, if you spend $200, you will receive $4 in fractional shares.
Build your portfolio just by shopping with BWS through the Upsteet app!

Please note: share rewards are not available on purchases of non-alcohol items and Champagne, as well as purchases made using Gift Cards or Coupon Codes (where the code was not provided to you by Upstreet). Please refer to the Reward Offer document for additional terms.

Limited offer

This Reward Offer is available to a limited number of participants, for a limited aggregate reward amount and may apply for a limited time only. It may also be changed or revoked at any time. When the Reward Offer ends, further participants may no longer be able to participate.

What is a fractional share?

Some shares are expensive and individual purchases can be small. Fractional shares enable us to reward your everyday purchases, no matter how small, with real ownership.
Set up your Upstreet account and watch your shareholdings grow over time. Just by shopping with Upstreet brands.

Download the Terms and Conditions of this Reward Offer

For all the Terms & Conditions related to this offer, you can download BWS Reward Offer document here (PDF, 2.7MB) and the Product Disclosure Statement here (PDF).

If you have any further questions, please email Upstreet support.

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