Earn shares by shopping at Microsoft

Your reward:

Earn 1-6% of the purchase value in fractional shares of a technology exchange traded fund (ASX: FANG).

Product Categories:

1% - When the product purchased is in the category: MS PC and Accessories

2% - When the product purchased is in the category: MS New Surface, MS Xbox Consoles and Accessories, MS Xbox Game Pass for Consoles and Xbox Live Gold, MS New Xbox Consoles and Accessories

5% - When the product purchased is in the category: MS Other Office

6% - When the product purchased is in the category: MS Surface and Accessories, MS Apps, MS Movies and TV Shows, MS Xbox 1st Party Games, MS New Xbox 1st Party Games,  MS Xbox 3rd Party GamesMS New Xbox Consoles and Accessories

To shop through the App:

1. Go to your Upstreet App, or download the app here.

2. On your Upstreet app, click on “Shop Now” and search for this brand.

3. Click the “Earn shares online” button to start shopping! (You will be notified of your purchase within 24 hours).

To shop through the desktop:

1. Download the Google Chrome extension here.

2. Log in using your phone number.

3. Search for your favourite brand, click the arrow to start shopping  (You will be notified of your purchase within 24 hrs).

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About company:

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational technology company that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services.


Share rewards are not applicable (0%) for purchases if the product is from the following category: Unshipped
Preorders, Other, Ineligible, Xbox Game Pass Trials, Microsoft 365 Trials, Windows, Other Software, MRVR,
Default. Share rewards are also not applicable (0%) when using a promotional or discount code with your
purchase. Share rewards are not available on certain purchases, please refer to the "Reward offer document" to see the varying purchase rewards.

Limited offer:

This reward offer is available to a limited number of participants, for a limited aggregate reward amount, and may apply for a limited time only. It may also be changed or revoked at any time. When the Reward Offer ends, further participants may no longer be able to participate.

Download the Terms and Conditions to this Reward Offer:

For all the Terms & Conditions related to this offer, download:

Product disclosure statement (PDF)

Reward offer document (PDF)

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